About Not So Linnear

thinking, selfie, headshot, brunette, girl, Linnea, actorHi, I’m Linnea [lin-nee-uh]. Basically, this is my life in a free WordPress format. It’s a collection of mindless thoughts, the Quarter Life Crisis, quotes I find interesting, humorous pictures, and general ramblings. I wanted an outlet for all the things I was afraid to say in front of people.

So here I am.

After graduating college, I had a minor freak out. And by minor, I mean major. I forgot my dreams and aspirations to go into sales and make a living. I lost contact with close friends because I was embarassed about nothing. And I used work as a defense mechanism against what I was going through, so I drowned myself in it.

Since then, my craft has come and gone. So, this is my ever-going journey on getting it back.


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