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21. Truck Driver

This one came by accident. I was forced into it actually, never intended it to be on “my list” but low and behold here it is. And I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, I will never ever do this ever again ever.

#21: Truck Driver

OK. Here’s what happened, for a while I didn’t have a driver to take stock to my stores or help set up my stages, so I had to do it myself. The job included [but was not limited to]:

  1. Making sure stores had stock
  2. Setting up/breaking down our stages
  3. Loading/unloading the van
  4. Heavy lifting
  5. Fixing broken wires/tables/equipment/everything
  6. Cleaning the warehouse
  7. Receiving shipments + organizing it
  8. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance (oil changes, maintenance requests, etc)

YAY, this now became part of my job description. Literally, was not a happy camper. I was unhappy about it for a bit but then decided to make the best of things. I took this opportunity to work on building some muscle. Believe it or not, I can actually do push ups now (take that high school gym class).

Now, stereotypically speaking, truck drivers look like this:

Joe-Shmo, truck driver

I decided to add a little glamor to the job:


Heads turn when I jump/fall out of this big ass vehicle.

For the past couple days/week I’ve been taking on this role as well as my current duties. It’s 20+ extra hours of work a week, it’s tiring but it’s a relaxing drive. Because, since I moved to Virginia, I haven’t really been able to see the city or the country side… It’s been great to go on 6 hour car rides and see beautiful mountains, farms, rivers, cows…

West Virginia “Wild and Wonderful”

I drove all across Virginia, Maryland, and a small part of West Virginia. I think I totaled over 40 hours of driving over 5/6 days… Which got very tiring and, of course, boring. Sometimes you’ll hear stories in the news about how someone got into an accident because they “fell asleep at the wheel.” Now, I thought this was BS up until a few days ago. I can definitely see how that can happen to someone (especially if they have to get up at 4am and don’t get home until 2am the next day…)

So, to rid this problem, I compiled a list of songs to get you pumped to hit the road.

  • Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts
  • Turn the Page – Bob Seger
  • Highway to Hell – AC/DC
  • Ridin’ Dirty – Chamillionaire
  • Drive My Car – The Beatles
  • Route 66 – John Mayer
  • Shut Up and Drive – Rhianna
  • Hell on Wheels – Brantley Gilbert
  • The Distance – Cake
  • Greased Lightnin’ – Grease Soundtrack

Don’t get me wrong, at times the long drives were quite calming. However, as relaxing as the drives can be, there’s traffic, there’s deadlines, there’s the constant anxiety of not being able to be in two places at once… Not to mention, I have so many bumps, bruises, my muscles are sore, and there’s no roof at my warehouse so I got caught in the rain and got soaked.

And… this is why I’m unhappy.

So yeah. I’m never going to do this again. Though it has been fun playing FourSquare, Words with Friends, and listening to re-runs of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell me. But this is so not the job for me. I’m happily crossing it off my list. DONE.

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