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Travel America: Philadelphia

WOW I haven’t updated in the longest time… Sorry followers. Work has been hectic and honestly I just haven’t had the time. BUT the good news is, I get to cross “Management” off my list!:)

I’ll explain quickly.

A few months ago I was promoted from being an assistant manager, to running our entire Boston market. Life has been pretty exciting. I work literally every single day, but I’m happy. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in the amount of time I was given.

Oh, hello Real Life! I’ve been waiting for you!

Well, since I work every single day, it’s been hard to update and find time to cross things off my list. When I get home I’m just too tired to write or create anything. I needed a break. I rearranged my schedule so I had a couple days to myself… Haven’t had a freakin’ day off since Christmas! I took advice from a bar of Dove chocolate.


Who says chocolate isn’t good for you?

So with the 2/3 days I had off, I decided to visit my boyfriend in Philadelphia. I’ve been to Philadelphia before to visit my dad and a friend or two. But the only thing we really did was see the Liberty Bell…

(Which I hear isn’t even the real thing…)

I never got a chance to see the city and feel the atmosphere, meet the locals…  Each city is different and beautiful, I was excited to go back!

Took the Amtrak train from Boston to 30th St. Station. I downloaded FourSquare (FRIEND ME BTW!) on my iPhone so I can check in to all the places on the way. Don’t judge me, it’s a 6 hour ride and I needed something to do.

As soon as I got to Philly, we turned the car around and went to Atlantic City. Just cause.

Caesars: I won $30.

I liked Philadelphia. It reminded me of Boston a little bit.. there’s a lot of stone buildings, history, and hipsters. I’ve always loved Boston because the streets aren’t always parallel with each other. All other cities with that grid layout, just seem so planned. Philadelphia has that type of design too, but on every street there was something new.

The first thing we saw were the Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

This is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen in my life. The artist, Isaiah Zagar, collects broken glass, car parts, plates, cups, tiles, stones, bricks, tires… anything you’d find on the street or in the garbage. He paints, polishes, and makes it look shiny and pretty again, then adds it to his garden. It’s remarkable. It’s a miniature art maze, it’s breathtaking.

You definitely should go if you’re ever in the area: Philadelphia Magic Gardens

All throughout the day we just walked around, again taking in the atmosphere and stopping to talk to a few locals and make small jokes. I liked South Street, even though it was a little touristy and crowded, they had a lot of art, clothing, and smoke shops.

South Street, 9pm

After a long day walking around an learning about the city, my sweet tooth got the better of me and we stopped for a snack.

Philly Cupcake: 1132 Chestnut Street  Philadephia, PA

I really liked how they displayed their cupcakes. In these beautiful, wooden, pink cabinets. They made their desserts look as delicate as they tasted. They were perfect.

Later that evening, my boyfriend’s aunt had a piano concert at the Acorn Club. The Acorn Club, for those who don’t know, is a premier private women’s club. You have to be invited in and go through some initiation or something in order to become a member, and have a lot of money… I was the youngest person there. I felt like royalty. They only drank fine wines (like, 10 bottles per table!), wore their best diamonds, and talked about what lovely music was played and politics.

Philly Skyline

I had a great time. It’s nice to get away for a while, even if it’s just a few days. Being in Philadelphia made me miss living in Boston. I miss walking around, listening to podcasts and music, meeting new people… I’m going back to see the Bruins vs. Fliers game on April 1st! I’m really excited, though a little torn who to cheer for.

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