20. Get off the “family line” at AT&T

About a week ago I turned 24. I didn’t feel any different. The sun was out and it was 63 degrees (in November!), so overall it was a nice day. My boyfriend and I took a trip to Rockport, MA, which was beautiful.

Beach at Rockport, MA

But alas, I couldn’t get the fact that I turned another year older out of my head. It was time to make some changes! I marched myself down to Sprint and demanded they take me off my mom’s family plan with AT&T. (Okay, not literally demanded, they were happy to help) I now have my own unlimited plan with my new provider. Thanks Sprint!

“You’re welcome, Linnea!”

Now, this has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while for a few reasons. First of all, my old phone sucked. It dropped calls, the touchscreen wouldn’t work, it took forever to load, I would miss calls for no reason, it was a hassle just to search for any contacts… The only thing it was good for was Angry Birds.

The second reason being, I’m 24 and have a full-time job that pays. It’s time to start cutting some financial umbilical cords from my parents. I already moved out and pay rent, cable, electric, and some other bills, it was time to take on one more.

What I do to put food on the table! (no pun intended)

After some research I found a plan I could afford and a phone I really liked. I’ve never owned a “nice” phone, I always just chose something that was function only. So of course I’m loving this new technology!

Here we are playing with Instagram!

You’re welcome mom and dad. One less bill you have to worry about with me:)

Now, here’s something that I’ve been thinking about more and more. While some post-graduate students have jobs, apartments, maybe cars, etc… what percent of the bills do they actually pay for themselves? For the longest time I thought I was the only brat who couldn’t afford rent immediately after college, let alone health insurance, car insurance, or a cell phone. But it seems that’s how our culture is starting to work. It’s perfectly acceptable for college grads to move back home for a while, and have their parents pay for a couple bills. I’m very grateful for that, without a little help (okay a lot of help) from my parents I would never be where I am today. I’m both excited and nervous about the future, but knowing that they’ll always be there makes everything so much easier.

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