16. Drawing

Summer is almost over, and my directing gig just ended. I had my first day off in 6 weeks today, and finally moved back to Boston, permanently!

Now, on my day off I realized something while puttering around my apartment… Besides the fact I needed groceries, a coffee maker, and new dress socks… my room is too white, empty, and boring.

Exhibit A: My Walls

Exhibit B: My Closet Doors

I figure, now is the best time to learn how to draw. I can make art for my stupid walls.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw… and honestly, I would do anything to be good at it, except practice. I’d buy the finest paints, best brushes, and biggest canvases, but refuse to practice.

Not that I’m going to create some masterpiece like Van Gogh…

Almond Blossom

But, I just hate being bad at something. Normally, I’d just ignore what I’m bad at, or find a way around it all together. I’m the worst perfectionist.

Today, however, that all changes! I bought a little sketchbook from the CVS across the street and dug up my old colored pencils. So look out Monet, here comes Linnea! (if you’re an art nerd like me you’ll find that reference hilarious)

Yes, I still have colored pencils… I am a child.

I also bought soundtracks to my favorite musicals with my paycheck… so it’s looking to be a very relaxing afternoon.

Now… what the heck am I supposed to draw?

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