1. Journalism

I remember back in high school I took a journalism class. I don’t recall much but I remember I really enjoyed it. When applying to colleges, I marked down Journalism. My parents looked at my application and gave me a funny look, “Journalism?” (I was more of a theatre kid, so this was shocking to them). But after deliberating, I decided to major in fucking Theatre. THEATRE. What the fuck I was thinking I’ll never know.

Graduated May 2010 with a B.A. in Theatre Education. Great.

But! While searching for jobs one day, I noticed an opening on Examiner, an online magazine. I leaped at the opportunity to write again. While applying for the job, there was one section that struck me, I had to pick a category to write for. I saw “Boston Comedy Events” and my jaw dropped. “That’s a thing?!” I thought. I applied and got it.

To be honest, I’m over-qualified for the job; I’m a comedy snob.

So, I started writing for Examiner in early September. I bragged for literally a week, I was so excited. I saw my life unfold right before my eyes: red carpet interviews, intimate talks with Marc Maron, maybe even my own talk-show?

Then I noticed how much I was making. Examiner pays depending on how many people hit your site. While I am way above the Boston average, it’s only a few cents. I’ve been working there since September, and in total, I’ve made $12.38.

However, my title has gotten me free tickets to comedy shows, which I am very grateful for.

And it’s gotten comedy legends to tweet at me! (Like Mr. Paul F. Tompkins)

It’s the only reason why I don’t quit or stop writing.

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