i tried to re-live my college days…

One of the most difficult feelings to deal with is an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. For me, it’s always because something reminded me of college. And who doesn’t miss college? I miss the dorms, the city, even the classes. I’m sure our best years are yet to come, but college was awesome and sometimes I miss it more than anything.

college days

So, to alleviate this longing, I decided to attempt to relive my college days. But, it didn’t exactly work out the way I thought it would.

1. Living on Toast: Toast was almost as valuable as gold in college. It’s cheap, quick, and filling. I tried this, and honestly, I made it all the way through lunch. My taste buds crave more than a crunchy piece of bread. I tried dressing it up with peanut butter, cheese, and other goodies but now that I’m older and actually know how to cook, I wanted something with more flavor. When I got home, I made homemade meatballs. It was the best meal I ever had.

2. Buying Cheap Beer: As soon as I turned 21 it became a ritual on Friday nights to get a 30 pack of PBR. It’d last us through the weekend and sometimes, we’d make another stop on Sunday to last us through the rest of the week. A 30 pack was a bit much, so I bought a 12 pack instead. I got through half a can, tossed it, and poured myself a glass of Pinot. Honestly, who can drink that anymore?

3. Sleeping In: Back in college, I would stay up past midnight, sometimes until 3 or 4am. I’d wake up the next day and it’d be after noon. I pushed myself past midnight, with eyes heavy, and went to sleep. I kept my eyes closed as long as possible before looking at my phone to see what time it was. I was sure I had slept in, and I was proud of myself! What did my phone read when I looked at it? 7:54am.

4. Taking Classes: This is just too expensive. I’d rather get my nails done and go to Kohls.

5. Facebook Stalking: Let’s admit it, we all do it. But especially in college. I wanted to know who my exes were dating, what my friends were doing, and look at pictures of what I should have done on the weekend. Now Facebook is all filled with engagement announcements, baby pictures, and rants about the weather. Yawn… I upgraded to Instagram stalking.

instagram stalker

So it didn’t work the way I thought it would. But that’s okay. College will always give me happy memories, but my current ones make me happier. And I’m sure in 5 or so years I’ll be writing a post about my mid-twenties and how to relive them.

My First Personal Trainer

Let’s take a look back at our college days for a second. Go back to the days when you had free time to run and go to the gym. Back to the days when we had enough energy for activities and sports. We were in awesome shape!
Now look at us, most at a desk job and too tired to do anything at the end of the day but sit down, watch TV, and unwind. If you’re anything like me, you’ve gained about 15-25 pounds since your college days… And it friggin’ sucks.
Here’s to all you clean eaters, I don’t know how the hell you do it.
I decided to make a change. I got more serious about the gym and started going every day as well as eating better – though my wine consumption is still on fleek! And here’s the icing on the cake (pun kind of intended), I got myself a personal trainer!
Most gyms offer personal trainers but honestly, I just assumed it was too expensive. I never even took a second glance at the trainers – I’d avert my eyes cause I knew someone would try to sell me on it. But one day I listened and found out it can be as low as $50 a session!
So, I got myself a trainer! 
Seriously, this guy probably only eats chicken and broccoli three times a day. I am a potato compared to him. He’s young and beautiful, and I’m only a little self conscious (cause let’s be real, I still got it) and this 6 foot blonde hottie is mine for the next hour. 
If you’ve never had a personal trainer, at first it’s a lot of talking about your fat. They take measurements, talk to you about your body fat percentage and weight, and literally point out all flaws on your body. It’s more vulnerable than getting a Brazilian wax. 
Then you’ll get your ass whopped by this beautiful man (though you thought you were friends!). You’ll think you’re still the size 4, lean, mean, fighting machine you were even on your worst hangover day in college but, you’re not. Push ups are hard, and kettle balls are even harder. And once you think you’re done he says “Great, do 6 more.” And you’ll die a little inside. While having a beat red face and sweating profusely. Self confidence is low and you’ll wonder what the hell you’re doing with your life.
The following day is worse – you won’t be able to walk, pick things up, open doors, or drive. Everything hurts.
Something magical suddenly happens one day, when he says “Do 6 more” you do so effortlessly. He’ll hand you a 75 pound kettle ball and ask you do to 15 dead lifts and you will. You’ll still be gross and sticky, but oh my god your thighs look awesome!
All in all, a hot guy plus the thighs and arms of your dreams?? Sign me up, look out Victoria Secret!

Broadway Songs to Get You Through Life

Nothing can’t be solved with a good Broadway show. Even if you’re not a fan, you can still appreciate the thought, art, and emotion behind each soundtrack (well, at least the good ones). Like any good movie or television show, it will mentally take you away and have you reflecting on life.

So if you’re ever feeling lost, alone, or struggling through the Quarter Life Crisis, consider these Broadway show tunes to keep you company and motivate you to keep heading “into the woods.” 

1. “Corner of the Sky” – Pippin, sung by Pippin

Pippin, a lost boy, sings about how everything has its place in the world. Well, everything except for him. All he’s asking for is his ‘corner,’ a place to call his own. (My favorite version is sung by the hunky and The Voice winner Matthew James Thomas. Swoon!)

2. “No Time At All” – Pippin, sung by Berthe 

Pippin seeks comfort in his grandmother, Berthe. He shares his tales of feeling misplaced and loss when she bursts into song and tells him life is pointless to live if you don’t appreciate anything. She even says, “I never thought about how much I weighed, when there was still one piece of cake.” You have to admit, she makes a good point…

3. “Purpose” – Avenue Q, sung by Princeton

In this Sesame St. meets South Park musical, our protagonist, Princeton, finds himself fresh out of college and without purpose. We all know what it’s like to try to find our true meaning in life, and Princeton sings what most could not put into words.

4. “No Day But Today” – Rent, sung by the ensemble

Just download the entire soundtrack, they’ll all have an impact on you. But most importantly, this story will remind you to live life to its fullest – it doesn’t matter if you’re poor, rich, sick, or healthy.

5. “Defying Gravity” – Wicked, sung by Elphaba

We’ve all come across an obstacle in life that changes us and forces us to make a choice. The struggles that we go through make us find our courage. (And OMG who doesn’t love this song!)

6. “Into The Woods” – Into The Woods, sung by the ensemble

This entire Broadway show is a metaphor. Going “into the woods” simply means they are going into life. Life is full of obstacles, choices, and fears (or witches, wolves, and handsome princes). You can either stay where you are, or take the next step and go into the woods to take the things you want most. If you’re too impatient to wait for tickets, I heard the movie is great.

7. “Send in the Clowns” – A Little Night Music, sung by Desiree Armfeldt

The obtuse, bittersweet lyrics provide new shades of depth as you get older. It’s about finally growing up and knowing what it is you really wanted, then stepping back to realize maybe it’s too late.

8. “Find My Way” – Legally Blonde, sung by Elle Woods and the ensembleI’m not gonna lie, it took me a while to embrace the fact that Legally Blonde was hitting Broadway (cause seriously, out of all the movies they chose that one?!) But, let’s reflect on Elle Woods’ journey: a stereotyped blonde who struggles in Harvard and ends up overcoming obstacles, sexual harassment, and a jury. She proves to us all that if we put our minds to it, we can all transform.

9. “Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True” – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, sung by Christine and Freddy

Without giving too much away, Freddy starts falling for Christine. It is the first time he’s ever felt this way about anyone, yet he feels guilty because he mislead her during their first encounter. They both reflect on the little things in life and remind us that love doesn’t have to be complicated (though for them it is).

10. “Dancing Through Life” – Wicked, sung by Fiyero

Lastly, we have a song sung effortlessly by Norbert Leo Butz. Fiyero is a care-free individual who plays by his own rules and doesn’t let life (or what others think) get in the way. He tells us how to live life – not to walk through it, but dance.