Where’s the line, airline?

Part one of my flight was fine… A panic attack, turkey wrap, and a glass of wine later.

“Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath, and a glass of wine.”
– Thomas Aquinas

My husband went to smoke a cigarette outside, which left me by myself. I wandered around the airport, finding cute (but overpriced) stores to browse in. Then I stumbled upon a wine bar. The bar was large and dark, covered in wood with bottles hanging elegantly from the wall. I take a seat and start browsing the menu… I bought a small bottle (held 2 glasses at most), checked the time, and went to board.

An hour later, were in flight and I open my bottle.

I’m sitting, sipping my fabulous wine, listening to more Broadway soundtracks, when a stewardess came along with a trash bag. She asks me, “Are you drinking that?”

It was half full, so I responded yes. And she tells me you cannot drink on board this aircraft!

Who is she to tell me not to drink?! My tray table, seat, and bags she has authority over. But, what I choose to drink? That makes zero sense. What plane doesn’t allow you to drink? I’ve been doing this for a while… In bars, friends houses, streets, parks, sports arenas, parties, AIRCRAFTS, and many, many other places. I think I know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing it since the age of 21 and I am quite good at it.

Upon further research, I came to learn that you could drink on the plane, just not your own alcohol. You had to purchase their wine should you want to drink. Which also doesn’t make sense… I bring Skittles on board every plane I go on and no one has ever told me I couldn’t bring my own snack. So where’s the line, airline?

In my opinion, if you want my money, get a better wine list. Thank you.

WiFi on a Plane

Blogging from the air today guys!

Neat, right? Technology never ceases to amaze me. Though honestly, the WiFi up here sucks. I had always thought different. I don’t know, because we were so close to the satellites in space… Figured that’s where to get better signal. IDK, ask a scientist.

Anyway, why am I blogging from a plane, you ask? Obviously, because I’m traveling. But why resort to paying $9.95 for crappy WiFi? Well, let me explain…

I’m not a good flyer. I come close to having a breakdown and getting security involved every time. Fun fact about me actually, I delayed a flight 20 minutes once because of a panic attack. So, I’m that person.

Because I’m that person, I have to learn how to deal. Medicine for me just makes my head cloudy and the time go by slow. But, I’ve managed to come up with a few alternatives over the years. My ADD is great at distracting me from the air! I can get lost in any book, movie, television show, or sometimes I bring my sketchbook and draw.

Today is different. I don’t have anything to read, watch, or create (I misjudged how long security would take, so I couldn’t run any last minute errands). And I have nothing but my headphones and iphone. I’d like to order a few glasses of wine and get a nice buzz going. But, I don’t feel like being judged by strangers right now.

So here I am, twenty thousand feet in the air, unable to stream YouTube videos, and unhappily sober… I put my Broadway faves on repeat and managed to pull WordPress up. Hello, Internet. 👋

I then found this:

Whether or not it’s true, it made me feel a tad better. A tad… does anyone actually know if this is true? I don’t care either way because I’m still going to be freak regardless. Just curious.

Anyway, how are all you lucky bitches safely on the ground?

Fashion Friday

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I never got on the ugly Christmas sweater bandwagon. I just never saw the appeal. Poorly drawn Christmas figures, pom-poms, lights… and people go nuts over these stupid things? Is there something I’m missing here? Not to mention, the sweaters are so box-sized, even the thinnest person is going to look a few pounds heavier. Why is this a trend around the holiday season? I don’t get it.

This year, my work is having an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.” Now, I have to compete. Ugh! I’ve looked on Google, Pinterest, and other Christmas-themed websites to find a sweater, and none of them are appealing to me.

But, just because I can’t find a sweater, doesn’t mean I’m not going to join in. I love themed parties!! And, I actually did find some ugly Christmas things I plan on at least trying.



Happy Holidays!


Nothing peeves me more than throwing produce or meat away because it went bad. I hate wasting food. It is a waste of money. Not to mention there are hungry people in this world… I even say a little silent prayer when I have to get rid of something. It’s gotten to the point where I measure and weigh EXACTLY what I need at the food store. It’s time consuming and annoys my husband, but at least we’re only using what we need!

Over the years, I’ve challenged myself to use as much of my leftovers as possible. Truth be told, it hasn’t been difficult so far, since I’ve never hosted any holiday and my husband and I only cook for ourselves. But this year was different, we hosted Thanksgiving!

We’re also those people who decorate for Christmas in mid-November

I’ve only hosted one holiday, and that was Christmas breakfast a few years back. And, we don’t exactly have the biggest kitchen in the world, so we kept the menu pretty simple:

1. Turkey with lemons and herbs
2. Mashed garlic potatoes
3. Green beans
4. Butter roles
5. Cheese platter with meats
6. Dessert (which guests were bringing cause I’m not a baker…)

Dinner was awesome! My husband and I are professional “hosters” now. There’s just one problem, WE HAVE ALL THE LEFTOVERS.


Needless to say, I said “Challenge accepted!” And got to work.

We ate all the green beans, dinner roles, and dessert at Thanksgiving dinner. However, that still left me with the turkey, potatoes, and cheese platter.

Turkey was easy because we also had leftover carrots, celery, and onions for the stuffing. I already had some noodles and stock in the fridge, so I made soup for my lunches next week:

IMG_3364.JPGThe most difficult part was keeping Romey away from the food…

Last night, we invited our friends over and put the cheese platter back out. We made a dent, but there’s still a lot left.


I love cheese. I consider myself a cheese enthusiast. I can literally eat it with anything and make it work, that’s how much I love cheese. However, cheese plates are hard to work with because they’re not fresh and already cut into awkward little blocks. If it was shredded or still whole, it’d be easier. But, here’s a list of what I’ve done so far:

1. Omelets: or any egg breakfast really. Egg sandwiches, scrambled cheesy eggs, quiche, or in a frittata. Best part, since it comes with a variety, you can use more than one kind for a more gourmet taste.
2. Salads: throw some of the Swiss cheese blocks in a salad for a bit of fun and added texture.
3. Grilled Cheese: goes without saying.
4. Pasta: easy mac n’ cheesy pasta! Again, use more than one cheese for added flavor. Serve warm or cold.
5. Bribes: Bella would literally do anything for a piece of cheese. And they are already cut into small, bite size pieces for convenience.
6. Cheese Crisps: so good! Put a few pieces on a plate and microwave until crispy. Cheesy, crunchy goodness…
7. “Pizza:” bread with melted cheese and add your own toppings. Kinda goes along the lines of a grilled cheese, but think open-faced.
8. Cocktail Hour: my grandparents always had a cheese platter with wine around 4:30/5pm… Invite friends over, or enjoy with a loved one! (Or by yourself, I’m not judging)
9. Nachos: layer them up!
10. Potato Pancakes: use the leftover potatoes for this one too!

Cheese, done! Now the mashed potatoes…

I’m actually not a huge potato person. I just don’t think they’re worth the calories. But I did manage to indulge and made some pretty bomb crispy potato pancakes.

And we’re still working on polishing them off! Anyone want to come over for dinner? Lunch? Wine?

Now off to the gym to lose those pounds… Sigh.