Social media has been my favorite hobby since MySpace. It is addicting and fun, and it’s become the “norm” now that if you didn’t take a picture or post a life event to Facebook, it didn’t happen. Take that as you will, I’m just along for the ride, and making my friends laugh along the way.

But, sigh, my apps bore me. Sure Facebook and Instagram are great. But you can’t look back every few minutes and expect to see something new. Twitter is okay, but I’m more of a visual person. Vine is hilarious and definitely my new favorite. But sometimes, I just want some quiet. And believe it or not, I’m tired of Pinterest.

Yes. I said it. That happened. I am tired of Pinterest.

Then there’s social media games, I’m still a huge fan of Words With Friends. But, meh… I want something more.

So, for the first time in my mobile-life, I decided to take a recommendation from an advertisement and downloaded the Whisper App.

Similar to Post-Secret, Whisper is a place where you can share your inner most secrets (no matter how big or small) and share them with the internet.

It’s interesting. We’ll see how long it is before I delete it, but it inspired me to come up with a few secrets of my own…

1. I am not good at meeting new people. If you ever meet me, and I’m too quiet and won’t look you in the eye, it’s not because I’m being a bitch. I’m just shy.

2. Every time I walk by my reflection I have to look. I’m making sure I don’t look fat.

3. To keep me motivated at the gym, I listen to all my Broadway favorites and picture myself singing, dancing, and acting every part. I end with a standing ovation and a Tony Award.

4. I am still sad Matt Bomer is gay.

5. I hate taking days off because I’m afraid of being unproductive.

6. I don’t like movies because I get too emotionally attached and cry at the end.

7. I bought underwear from Walmart yesterday.

8. I get repeating nightmares of different situations where I’m really high up. I’m petrified of heights.


Stupid Life Lessons

Stupid Things I’ve Learned In My Adulthood
1. Knowing when to give up and have a drink.

2. Nothing is more satisfying than a new sponge.

3. Anything can be fixed with binge eating.

4. It’s harder to function on 9 hours of sleep than it is on 6.

5. I don’t have children but the way I over protect my dog makes me worried I’ll be one of those parents who puts their children on a leash.

6. Everyone deserves an Alcoholiday.

7. It’s not a bad thing to sit all day and watch Netflix.

8. Relationships are way more fun when you’re older.

9. Period accidents are no longer acceptable. Get your shit together.

10. Push back your life goals to your 30’s. You are so not ready for those yet.


The One Important Thing I Learned
1. A coconut water and 2 multi vitamins prevents hangovers!