Let’s Go Racin’!

Last Friday, October 10th 2014, I married my best friend, Brandon. It was a beautiful evening. Obviously, the best night of my life. The best part, we created everything ourselves. From the play list, to the bouquets, to the centerpieces… Everything had our own little “Team Biggs” spin on it.

However, when it came down to the honeymoon, we had our own ideas: Brandon wanted to do something active, and I wanted to do nothing on a beach somewhere like a traditional honeymoon. This fight was going no where….

The Honeymoon Part One
Brandon calls in to NASCAR radio all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. So much so, that Sirius XM knows him by name… One day, he calls in and mentions he was getting married the day before one of the races. They told him if he can convince me to go, they’ll hook him up with pit passes.

I’m the best wife ever so I said yes.

IMG_2839.JPGUnder The Lights at Charlotte

I was never a NASCAR fan. But when I first met Brandon I wanted to connect with him. So, I watched a few races, picked a favorite driver, and tried to get into it. Little did I know, that it meant taking up every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… But it made him happy.

The passes we got were awesome! With these, you could actually go into the pit boxes, talk a little with the crew, and meet the drivers as they made their way to the cars after introductions.

Dale Jr., our new BFF

If you’ve never been to a NASCAR race, you should at least go once, and this is coming from someone who never used to like it. The thing is, television really doesn’t do it justice. Standing next to the track, feeling the vibrations in your bones, having to cover your ears because your eardrums feel like they’ll explode… It can’t be described.

We were sure to thank Mr. Jim Noble for such an awesome start to our honeymoon.

Next stop, NASCAR Hall of Fame!

This museum has interactive movies, a [very realistic] race simulator, and fun activities to train you to get on the track.

Ready for my pit crew now!
(Just kidding, I needed help lifting it.)

A few months back I was at a coffee shop with a friend when a stranger overheard me talking about my wedding. She congratulated me and we made some small talk, then she mentioned she’s been married 10 years. I asked her, “10 years, huh? What’s the secret?”

“Compromise,” she said. “Everything is compromise.”

I’ve always known how important compromise is. And don’t get me wrong, I had a blast at the track! But seeing the smile on my husbands face as the cars flew by us on the track made it worth it.